Wednesday Words of Wisdom + A Day Well Spent @ SB Wine Collective

‘There are some people in life that make you laugh a little louder, smile a little bigger and live just a little better.’

Hi friends!

I spent last Sunday at SB Wine Collective and it was, truly, the most perfect day I’ve had in a while.  I was surrounded by the best kind of friends – some new, some that go way back – and couldn’t help but feel a pang of sadness as our day drew to a close. I didn’t know when we would all get together again and if we would ever recreate a day so blissful. With busy schedules, husbands and babies, and miles in-between us, it can be so hard to get people together.  One of my longest, closest friends, Sara (Swebb), and I always talk about how hard a friendship can be just to MAINTAIN as we get older.  Swebb is one of my bests, and she lives all the way up in SF.  Even though it’s a quick plane ride away, we rarely see each other and our phone calls are few and far between.  With work and boyfriends and family, trying to keep up local friendships can feel like work enough… Throw distance in that equation and you’re in for it! As I get older, having really good, close friends has become so important to me and working to keep those friends close is even more so.

On this particular Sunday I was in the presence of two sets of friends – both recently married and VERY recently with babies!

Loving on Baby Sterling
Loving on Baby Sterling

We all met up at the SB Wine Collective, which has quickly become one of my favorite places to hang out.  Located in Santa Barbara’s super trendy Funk Zone, this winery/tasting room is the perfect Sunday hangout for so many reasons. It has a big outdoor patio and is located just next to Figueroa Mountain Brewery which means you get the perks of hearing the live music (and it’s usually really good!) without having to beat the crowd or wait in line. I love Fig Mountain, but it can get super busy and can be a bit difficult if you’ve got babies and strollers and mama’s that need a place to sit.  Anyways, the SB Wine Collective patio is shared with Les Merchands, which is great if you’re looking for small bites as you can order from either place.  Every time I’ve been there, they’ve had someone on the patio BBQing the most incredible food.  This week it was quail and veggies and, while I didn’t try it myself, everyone at the table was in awe of the flavors and how perfectly the food was cooked.  The staff is so friendly and knowledgeable about their wines, and the prices are AMAZING! Our favorite Rosé, the Paring, is only $20 a bottle.  When it comes to Rosés this one is at the top of my list. They serve it perfectly chilled – it’s beautiful in color, is minerally and light and is so refreshing on a warm day. Also, insider secret, they’ve got Sangria Sundays but you’ve got to get there early because they run out! And for good reason, as we discovered. We were lucky enough to get a glass and it was one of the best sangria’s I’ve ever had. The color is gorgeous, the flavors were complex, it wasn’t overly sweet (my sangria pet peeve!) and it was loaded with fresh fruit and mint… I wish I was sipping on some right this second!

Sangria and the best adventure hat (everybody should have one)!
Sangria and the best adventure hat (everybody should have one)!

Everyone was so happy that we ended up there and, if it weren’t for babies needing naps, we wouldn’t have left so early.  It was a Sunday for the books and our location contributed greatly to that.  If you’re in the Funk Zone (if you haven’t been to the Funk Zone, get in there ASAP), Santa Barbara Wine Collective is a must! Go there to enjoy good wine, good food, and hopefully the company of some really good friends.

For more information on SB Wine Collective visit: Santa Barbara Wine Collective

Map of the Funk Zone: Funk Zone Santa Barbara

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