#MadeForYoga Feature!!

I am beyond thrilled, and so humbled, to have the story of my yoga journey selected to be featured on Manduka’s blog. I’m a major Manduka fanatic (see: I’ve had one of their mats for over 2 years, it’s still in perfect condition, and we now have a personal connection and I won’t give it up) and am such a small fish in the big pond of yoga teachers and followers… It feels incredible to get a little shout-out! So I’ll gloat 🙂

Sharing my story was not easy. A lot of times when I think about my past I feel ashamed and embarrassed of the things that I’ve put myself, and those around me, through. But it’s surprisingly freeing to have it out there and what would be so amazing is if someone read it and connected to it and felt inspired to share their story, or try yoga, or make a much needed change in their life.  And yoga is all about embracing our imperfections, right!? I’m a work in progress there, but I’ve made leaps and bounds and that feels incredible. And I’m working on embracing all of the grammatical imperfections my nervous self made when writing my story 🙂

I hope you all enjoy!

Read #myyogastory HERE


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