Pesto Zoodles

Somewhere very the top of the list of foods I’m obsessed with lands pesto. It’s quick and easy to make (clean-up is another story), always delicious, and it goes well with almost everything!  This pesto is one of my few recipes that lacks any sort of measurement. I just throw and drizzle and shake things in until I get the consistency and taste I’m looking for… Which can be super fun!  This particular day I was craving raw, crunchy, fresh veggies, but there are so many ways that you can play around with this recipe.

Pesto Sauce:

Basil (I use the entire container from Trader Joes)

Spinach, 2 handfuls

1 clove garlic

1 lemon

Sea salt

Black pepper

Red pepper flakes, generous shake (optional)

Olive Oil (lots of it!)

  1. Add all ingredients to food processor and blend. Add oil to get desired consistency. Add ingredients to taste. VOILA!

** Parm is always great in pesto, for my non-vegans 🙂


Zoodle Bowl

2 zucchini, spiralized

1 carrot, chopped

1 red or yellow bell pepper, chopped

Handful of cherry tomatoes, chopped


  1. Place spinach in the bottom of a large bowl. Add all ingredients, including pesto sauce. Toss well.  Add as much pesto sauce as needed to coat everything well. Seeds and nuts make really good add-ins.
  2. Serve and enjoy!

** TIP: place spiralized zoodles in a coliander and sprinkle with sea salt. Let sit for 10-15 minutes, squeeze well with a towel to get rid of any excess water. It will make your finished product less watery!


So simple and so many ways to get creative here! I hope you enjoy!!

Cheers to clean eating!


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