Aside From Being A Yogi, I am…

A daughter (to 4!). A sister (to 3!). A (devoted) girlfriend. A best friend (to few, funny how that happens with age). A Realtor (yes, really). A (mostly proud) dog mom. A ranch resider (say what?!). A duck aunt (best job yet!). And a soon-to-be chick mom (tomorrow, in fact!).

With age, comes change. And with 30, for me, came returning to my roots (SLO-town), life on a ranch with my boyfriend + his permaculture-genius younger brother + my wild dog, a few sweet ducklings, and 400+ acres to have our way with. Our neighbors are cows, 3 beautiful black horses, and a flock of turkeys that roams freely. Oh! And two of the cutest pigs! To brag for a second, this really is as awesome as it sounds. Aside from the dust (allergies galore), the place is a dream and trying to figure out what to do with it has consumed the three of us for the past month. Thankfully, Elliott (brother, aforementioned) knows a thing or two about gardening and has gotten that aspect of things dialed in.  We’ve got squash and eggplant and beans and banana trees and even a little strawberry plant going… And that’s just to name a few! I’m in awe of Elliott and his vast knowledge of plants and the earth, on the regular, and in an attempt to keep up I’ve been trying to do my part to learn a thing or two where I can.  I’m ready to turn this black thumb green!  And, with that, I thought it would be fun to share a new aspect of me, and my life, with all of you. And, hopefully you can learn a thing or two, or become inspired to start something of your own! So, stay tuned. More ranch-life goods to follow!

Cheers to new adventures!! 

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