They’re Here!!!


Well, the first batch is, anyways, and I’m seriously over the moon in love. Look at this gang:


Left to Right: Rio, Pip and Olive 

This past Saturday I went on quite the solo road trip to pick up 3 tiny little Silkie chicks and brought them to the ranch. I have no idea what age they are and they’re to young to know the sex, but they’re healthy and they’re settling in just fine, and that’s all that matters right now!

So far, Rio looks to the be the oldest and is definitely the ringleader. Rio is super wild and a bit bossy so I’m trying to socialize (aka snuggle) it as much as possible. Rio loves to stand up and flap his wings and feel super big. Second biggest would be Pip, but Pip is the sweetest, most docile bird. Pip is definitely taking to us the quickest and doesn’t run from us the way the other two do. And then there’s Olive. Sweet, baby Ollie. Olive is a little skittish but REALLY loves a good snuggle sesh. He’s always trying to cram his little body into some little nook or under a wing. Ollie’s also been sneezing quite a bit, which I’ve got to keep my eye on, but I have a feeling it’s just all the nerves and changes. I mean, we’ve moved these birds locations, stuck a group of towering new humans in their faces, and tried to get them to meet the strangest looking dog (who salivates and barks when they so much as chirp). That’s a lot for a couple of babies to take in!!

You should also know the following:

  1. They love to snuggle:


2. And they love to perch up high:

3. And they’re slowly getting used to Oscar (as Oscar slowly gets used to them – kind of):

4. They love to go outside and sleep in the sun for small amounts of time which means it’s time to get their outdoor coop dialed in. This makes building a coop ranch project #547, but it’s definitely at the top of my list because on Thursday we pick up about 5 more hen chicks, so it’s about to get REAL real.

So much fun stuff going on over here!


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