Hello, My Name Is Dr. Greenthumb …Sort of.

Remember these guys?

Yeah, they’re all grown up:

The Wild Women (we think…) of Sycamore Canyon

And they’re not the only things growing around here. Our garden, which I talked about way back when is flourishing! I think one of the things we can credit, especially in this drought, is the cardboard layer that’s just under the mulch. The cardboard absorbs the water and traps it in the soil that it’s lying on top of, making for happy, less-needy, semi-drought resistant plants!  When we plant in the cardboard area, we dig a hole through the cardboard and down into the soil, insert the plant, re-cover with soil, and then cover it all with mulch. We’re still watering pretty often, but in this dry season that we’ve been having, I think the cardboard has been our savior (not the word I would use to describe the sight of it piling up alongside the driveway).

Anyways, the zucchini, which was the first to come in, are on average around the size of a 12-egg egg carton (proof is below):

I seriously took pictures of this beauty all over my kitchen… I’ll spare you the rest.

We have more squash coming in than I think we’ll ever know what to do with:

So many hiding in there!

2 beautiful eggplants have emerged in the past weeks:


If that isn’t the prettiest plant you’ve ever seen, I need to know where you’ve been. 

And while all other plants are a little slower moving, they all look healthy.

There will be brussels:

img_6475All hail! 

Hopefully some bananas:

Doesn’t the circle make them look like a super cool tribe!?

And just a few fresh herbs:



Unfortunately, all of my lettuce got picked off by predators but I currently have a new bud sprouting in the kitchen, so I’ll have to figure out a better solution for planting that… Although, it looks like Elliott already found one:img_6477




This weekend we’re putting some asparagus in the ground, which I’m super excited about because I found out (after purchasing) that it’s a perennial! A perennial is a plant that doesn’t die off after one season, as most do. It lives year after year! Neverending asparagus sounds like a dream to me!



And that’s only a portion of what’s growing around here.  You guys, sometimes I just go stand out there and try to take it all in. A garden of vegetables is a seriously magical thing.  Again, there’s very little of this that I can actually take credit for. Elliott remains the magic worker behind keeping our plants healthy and flowering, but I’ve made a promise to myself to learn as much as I can by the end of summer (somehow, between school and work and teaching, I will find the time…) because there’s something really empowering about being self-sufficient on a multitude of levels.  It’s amazingly satisfying to eat what you’ve grown and I feel hungry (no pun intended) to learn all that I can about having an abundant, drought tolerant, primarily perennial garden. We’ve got big dreams in the works over here and this little garden is just the (super motivating) beginning!  Stay tuned!


Our crew ❤ 



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