They’re Here!!!

❤ Well, the first batch is, anyways, and I’m seriously over the moon in love. Look at this gang: Left to Right: Rio, Pip and Olive  This past Saturday I went on quite the solo road trip to pick up 3 tiny little Silkie chicks and brought them to the ranch. I have no idea what … More They’re Here!!!

Monday Medicine: Detoxing Oatmeal Lavender Bath Soak

I walked into my office last month to find a giant bag of lavender sitting on my desk. Oh, happy day!  Remember how I mentioned I’m turmeric obsessed?  Well, I’m even more-so lavender obsessed. Lucky for me, one of our clients has a lavender farm and decided to do the best thing ever and gift our entire team … More Monday Medicine: Detoxing Oatmeal Lavender Bath Soak

Morning Savior

  Coffee.  Coffee in a single cup serving. My morning savior, for so many reasons: One, I don’t have a giant coffee maker (or coffee maker of any size, for that matter) taking up space in my tiny kitchen. Two, it limits me to one cup so I don’t over-do it (okay, okay…  That’s not … More Morning Savior