Hello, My Name Is Dr. Greenthumb …Sort of.

Remember these guys? Yeah, they’re all grown up: The Wild Women (we think…) of Sycamore Canyon And they’re not the only things growing around here. Our garden, which I talked about way back when is flourishing! I think one of the things we can credit, especially in this drought, is the cardboard layer that’s just under … More Hello, My Name Is Dr. Greenthumb …Sort of.

Pesto Zoodles

Somewhere very the top of the list of foods I’m obsessed with lands pesto. It’s quick and easy to make (clean-up is another story), always delicious, and it goes well with almost everything!  This pesto is one of my few recipes that lacks any sort of measurement. I just throw and drizzle and shake things in until … More Pesto Zoodles