Implications of A Protein-Heavy ‘Keto’ Diet

What do you picture when you hear someone say they’re doing the keto diet? Is it a juicy double bacon cheeseburger sans-bun? A big medium-rare cooked steak, no sides? An omelette with cheese and bacon? Or, alternatively, you may assume that they’re constantly in a fasting state because the body “has to” be starving to … More Implications of A Protein-Heavy ‘Keto’ Diet

Keto Pesto

I make my pesto garlic-free because of an allergy, but I don’t miss it at all! That being said, if you’re a garlic-lover 1-2 cloves would work very well in this. The Goods Large box of organic basil from Whole Foods (or Trader Joes) 1 bunch of beet greens (spinach works well, too) 1/4 cup … More Keto Pesto

Oils, Free Radicals, & Smoke Points (oh my!)

A brief lesson on Free Radicals: There’s quite a bit of talk surrounding free radicals and their damaging effect on our bodies and, while they are associated with aging and disease, it’s important to understand that they’re also a naturally occurring compound within us. Meaning, not all free radicals are bad for our body! It’s … More Oils, Free Radicals, & Smoke Points (oh my!)