Implications of A Protein-Heavy ‘Keto’ Diet

What do you picture when you hear someone say they’re doing the keto diet? Is it a juicy double bacon cheeseburger sans-bun? A big medium-rare cooked steak, no sides? An omelette with cheese and bacon? Or, alternatively, you may assume that they’re constantly in a fasting state because the body “has to” be starving to … More Implications of A Protein-Heavy ‘Keto’ Diet

Zoodles Al Pomodoro

Pasta is one of my favorite foods. I could live off of carbs in general, but especially a big bowl of starchy noodles covered in a tomatoey-garlicey sauce and loaded with parmesan cheese – HEAVEN!  And, yes, when I was 14 I could get away with eating said types of foods whenever I wanted… But, along comes the … More Zoodles Al Pomodoro