Work With Me

Intro To Keto – In this program we’ll work together for 2 weeks to get you comfortable with following a ketogenic diet. Whether you’re dairy free, vegetarian or vegan, or are a carb-lover we’ll put together a program specifically designed for you including recipes and meal plans. You’ll learn how to safely (and deliciously!) eat in a way that’s high in fat and vegetables, minimal in protein, and very low in carbs. This program will provide you with 2 weeks worth of virtual meal plans and recipes and throughout the program I’ll be right by your side to offer guidance as questions or stumbling blocks arise (because they will!). Should you want to continue working together at the end of the 2 weeks there will be an option to do an extension. Fill out the form below and mention 1 on 1 Keto Coaching in the email body to learn more.

Personalized Meal Plans – Maybe you’ve recently been diagnosed with food allergies or sensitivities or have been put on a restrictive diet by your health practitioner. Or maybe you’re one of the many who are trending towards diabetes or have issues managing your blood sugar (aka get hangry). Or perhaps you’ve just heard about a diet and are wondering how to get started on it. This option is designed for people who are needing a little extra help with implementing dietary guidelines that are tailored to their specific needs. In this option you’ll fill out a brief survey to establish what your dietary restrictions/goals are and from there I’ll create a 5-Day meal plan tailored specifically to you! Fill out the form below and mention Personalized Meal Plans in the email body to learn more!

Pantry Clean Out – Feel like you’re one of those people who “can’t keep chips in the house without eating the whole bag”? Or maybe you’re just looking to clean up your diet but aren’t sure how to get started. If so, this option may be for you! In your session – which we can do via Skype, the phone, or simply via email if that’s what you’re most comfortable with – we’ll dig way into the back of your pantry and fridge and get rid of all the “junk”! I’ll then provide you with a personalized shopping list for what to buy to re-stock. This is a great on it’s own, but works super well as an add-on option for someone doing the 1 on 1 Keto Coaching and/or the Personalized Meal Plan. Fill out the form below and mention Pantry Clean Out in the email body to learn more!

21-Day Reset – This 21-Day program is being designed for those who want to learn to rebuild their plate in a way that heals their body from the inside out. Stay tuned for more!